What is Health 3.0?

A healthcare system optimally effective in the dual missions of “managing healthcare” and “managing health”, while consistently improving health by leveraging the emerging Health 2.0 technology, science and payment models.


A Managing Health Culture consisting of guiding behaviors, beliefs, values, and shared understanding of patients, care givers, physicians and other care providers trying to improve individual patient health.


A Managing Health Framework that effectively and efficiently implements a Managing Health Culture including patient intelligence, care management, patient engagement, workflow, processes, protocols and new staffing.

Consulting (1024x683)PCPs & Healthcare Systems

Medicare and insurance companies are moving resources toward Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and Healthcare Systems willing to create new “managing health” capabilities that drives health outcome improvements. This includes new revenue to pay for care management and Accountable Care strategies to address the needs of attributed populations. They are provided to healthcare systems with employed and affiliated PCPs, large group practices, Independent Practice Association (IPAs), Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

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What’s New?

  • We have a managing health opportunity to improve the health and lives of.
  • Most us are wondering, how will the new president impact health care? Future.
  • Medicare reports that 30 percent of their payments are tied to quality or.