Our Mission

Help create a “managing health” framework for Healthcare systems and physicians to improve health outcomes, patient well-being and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.


Health 3.0 is a group of experienced professionals with backgrounds in helping patients, physicians and healthcare systems managing overall patient health.  Our team helps healthcare systems and physicians successfully adopt approaches to improve patient outcomes and physician satisfaction while improving financial performance.


Our Team

Health 3.0 includes several healthcare leaders that have created and managed some of the most successful organizations that have thrived with population health. Our leaders include those still managing their organizations, part-time retired consultants and practicing physicians available as required to support the needs of our clients. They include healthcare systems executives, ACO executives, physicians, data scientists, process redesign engineers and financial analysts.

Dr. Emmet Kenney Dr Emmet Kenney

Chief Medical Officer, Practicing Primary Care Physician

Emmet is an Internal Medicine physician currently managing a patient panel in Stuart FL. He is a co-founder and leads the PCP Practice Transformation team at Health 3.0.  He has over 25 years of experience as a Physician, Educator and Medical Director. Emmet led Physician transformation from fee-for-service to accountable care as the WellMed Regional Medical Director in Florida and helped the organization grow revenue to over $1B in revenue. He oversaw the clinical staff, education, practice transformation, reporting and the development of the care management teams supporting WellMed’s over 1,500 primary care practice physicians.

Tim Kilpatrick063-KIL-POR-5491

Healthcare Strategist, Process Redesign

Tim is an experienced healthcare strategist that has helped innovative Healthcare Systems and Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) add “managing health” to their existing “managing healthcare” core competencies. Tim is also Executive Director of the Patient Well-Being Foundation dedicated to studying the best approaches for managing both health care and health. He has a background in developing “managing health” frameworks that overlays upon existing healthcare enterprises that align with the new reimbursement models (i.e., value-based payments, alternative payment models). He has over 20 years of experience in healthcare reimbursement, process redesign and developing enterprise-wide strategies to improve healthcare system operational and financial performance.