What is Health 3.0?

Transformation is coming to healthcare

Healthcare FutureIt is becoming harder to find aspects of our lives that have not been impacted by the rapid advances of science and technology. We may want it to slow down when it disrupts our jobs and income or when it forces us to change. Yet we get frustrated when we discover that the conveniences we expect in booking travel or withdrawing money is not yet available when accessing healthcare. While it may be easy to see opportunities to improve our healthcare system “Health 1.0”, you should feel confident the improvements are coming. “Health 2.0” is bringing significant change to healthcare with the catalysts of emerging science, technology and reimbursement. While most of the changes Health 2.0 will bring may not be felt directly by patients, it is the building block for the healthcare we all want: “Health 3.0”. Health 3.0 is when when our healthcare system is optimally effective in the dual missions of “managing healthcare” and “managing health”.